The Ilitch hum canceling system is a pickup noise reduction technology that reveals the true tone and versatility of single coil
pickups. Unlike other attempts to reduce pickup noise which actually modify the tone, our innovative noise reduction technology
has no impact on tone, allowing you to finally hear what your guitar really sounds like.

BPNCS custom products are now available for the following guitar brands originally equipped with tremolo cavity backplate cover:
SUHR Classic style; G&L S 500 style; Tom Anderson Classic style. Please contact us first to place your custom BPNCS order
Basic colors available for direct purchase Only: W/B/W; P/B/P; Black Matt

Fresh review/comment:

Hi Ilitch,
Thank you for all your help. The new lefty BPNCS looks and works wonderfully. I’ve attached pictures.  This is just what I needed to get the vintage single coil sound I wanted but without the noticeable hum.
Thanks for your advice and your efficiency and your attention to detail. It’s never been easier to get a custom designed guitar part! It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

Matt, Ontario, CANADA


I am the one who has called you twice concerning tech info for the backplate. I finally took apart my Strat and installed the it. I had no trouble and it was very easy to setup and adjust. I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I am with the sound. I ended up using the Standard Noiseless Backplate with my Fender 57/62 pickups. Even though the output on these was 5.6k which was slightly below the specification for the Standard Plate, it worked marvelously. I have tried many many sets of “stacked” and “noiseless” pickups from various companies and while many sounded nice, they just didn’t have the “sparkle” I missed with real single coils. I am so very very happy with my guitar tone now!! When a person considers the cost of a set of new pickups, the price of your product is extremely well worth the money. I will tell all of my Strat playing friends about the Noiseless Backplate and how friendly and helpful you were over the phone. I will most certainly be buying the set for my Tele soon. Thank you so much and good luck with your company and all of your future endeavors.

Donnie S.

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