Thousands of musicians around the globe have experienced and installed our products on their guitars
We are proud to start our artist list with some of the most well known players: 

Brian Ray – Paul McCartney
(Three LP Junior – CVNCS-JR) 

Martin Gore – Depecehe Mode
(BPNCS – Strat; CVNCS – JR LP Junior; LCNCS on three other guitars)  

Klyde Jones – AWB
(LCNCS on 5 strings Jazz Bass)

Hal LindesDire Straits
(BPNCS – Start; PGNCS – Tele)

Steve Riddle – Steve Riddle band
(BPNCS – two Start; LCNCS – Tele)

Joseph LoDuca – LoDuca Music
(LCNCS – Tele)



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