Our Mission: To first and foremost satisfy musicians’ needs by creating and manufacturing innovative top quality guitar products, providing excellent service, technical support and education. 

Our Goal: At Ilitch Electronics LLC we design, manufacture, complete, test, sale and service musical electronic products, for musicians and OEM clients

Ilitch’s Bio


Ilitch has been playing guitar since he was 10, starting with some acoustics and soon after that discovering the magics of the electric guitar. In his early twenties Ilitch wound his first magnetic pickups and later started building his own pedals and tube amplifiers. In 1978 Ilitch graduated from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria as an electronics engineer. As an active rock guitarist, Ilitch understood the guitar tone and experimented to achieve the tone of his guitar idols. At the start of his 30s Ilitch was already designing and building limited edition guitar effect pedals and custom electronic units, servicing musicians from all over Bulgaria and neighboring countries. In 1999 Ilitch moved to Santa Barbara to work for Seymour Duncan pickups as R&D design engineer. In the beginning of 2004 Ilitch Chiliachki and his daughter Siliana Chiliachka started ILITCH ELECTRONICS LLC to develop their first USA line of Overdrive/Distortion pedals. The Dyna Dist Overdrive pedals based on Ilitch’s original MAMP (Method of Analog Math Processing) technology had great success in Japan, Europe and USA. In 2005 Ilitch patented his hum canceling technology for electric guitar single coil pickups and licensed it to Suhr Guitars(JST). In 2011 both companies went their separate ways and ILITCH ELECTRONICS expanded his line of Hum canceling products for single coil guitar pickups to cover the most popular guitar models and single coil pickup combinations.

Ilitch (second from the left) with his Rock band “IKAR” on a tour in Europe – back in 1981          


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