Ilitch Cavity Noise Canceling Systems for Les Paul (CVNCS-C)
Circular shape cover

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LP style guitars that have a back control cavity and one or two single coil pickups can be retrofitted with a CVNCS-C.
Note – All single coil pickups MUST be same polarity same winding direction (No RWRP!)
The CVNCS-C replaces the control cavity cover and has been designed to fit the original hole pattern, making it 100% non invasive. Recommended for P90 or similar style of pickups which read between 7.0K and 9K resistance.

LP CVNCS-C User’s Manual:
Download as a PDF document HERE

Available colors: Black Gloss, Custom (must be at least 0.09″/2.3mm thickness)

1. All single coil pickups need to be same magnetic polarity and same winding direction (NO RWRP)
2. The LP CVNCS-C hum canceling operation will not perform properly with any “in series” or “out of phase” pickup connections
Find your wiring diagram options Here

Audio MP3 files recorded with a close located Audix mic, AC 30 – all tube amplifier and LP Goldtop Guitar equipped with IP90 pickup on Bridge position and IP90 on Neck position


“I had Ilitch Chiliachki (inventor of the Suhr Backplate system) “silence” my ’56 Gibson Historic LP w/ P90s…absolutely amazing how quiet it is without messing with my tone at all.
Made it possible for me to crank my Paul through my Naylor amp loud as balls without the crazy noise & hum that was there before…”

TD Moyer 

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FREE and fast shipping via USPS on orders within the U.S.

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Alnico rod magnet poles, 6-8KOhms resistance

Alnico rod magnet poles, 8-12Kohms resistance

P90 Steel screw poles pickups, 7-9Kohm resistance



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