Ilitch Cavity Noise Canceling Systems for Les Paul (CVNCS-R2)
Rhombic shape cover

LP style guitars that have a back control cavity and one or two single coil pickups can be retrofitted with a CVNCS-R2. The CVNCS-R2 replaces the control cavity cover and has been designed to fit the original hole pattern, making it 100% non invasive. Recommended for P90 or similar style of pickups which read between 7.0K and 9K resistance.

LP CVNCS-R2 User’s Manual:
Download as a PDF document HERE

Available colors: Black Gloss, Custom (must be at least 0.09″/2.3mm thickness)

1. All single coil pickups need to be same magnetic polarity and same winding direction (NO RWRP)
2. The LP CVNCS-R2 hum canceling operation will not perform properly with any “in series” or “out of phase” pickup connections
Find your wiring diagram options Here

Audio MP3 files recorded with a close located Audix mic, AC 30 – all tube amplifier and LP Goldtop Guitar equipped with IP90 pickup on Bridge position and IP90 on Neck position

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Alnico rod magnet poles, 6-8KOhms resistance

Alnico rod magnet poles, 8-12Kohms resistance

P90 Steel screw poles pickups, 7-9Kohm resistance



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