Ilitch GeTran DDO Pedals
Military 80’s Germanium transistor front stage, mastered by ILITCH

Why is the new GeTran Dyna Dist Overdrive pedal series so different?
As an opposite to 1Meg impedance silicon input stage the GeTran input stage provides a natural pickup loading that is very musical, dynamic and frequency depending. 
The result is a soft, mellow, sweet and thick guitar tone that is ready to enter next distortion/overdrive stages.

Equipment recommendations to get best from the GeTran pedal:
1. Using guitar with any PASSIVE pickup – Strat, Tele, P90 style single coil; HB style
2. Place the GeTran pedal FIRST in the pedal chain or after pedals with true bypass ON/OFF switch
3. The main GeTran front stage advantages will not be available for active pickups, active buffers and wireless guitar systems
And here are some of the many positives:
1. Direct Ge transistor – Guitar Pickup relation. This is the key function that makes the pedal amazing

2. Unbelievable nice operation of the guitar VOLUME and Tone knobs. Back the guitar Volume pot to 2 and the tone is so nice and warm-clean,that even a direct maxed guitar can not be.
3. All pickup combos (single pickup or two pickups together) become equally useful for thick solos and chiming chords
4. The precisely selected mid range boost makes the solo and all small and heavy chords sweet, full and well defined
5. When using 10 feet or 25 feet; cheep or an expensive guitar cable – you get the same nice guitar tone
6. Just need to hear it (Classic One DDO, BRIDGE P90 on a Les Paul – Si 1Meg input vs. GeTran input) –  Click here
…because the MAMP design  keeps all of your original guitar signal components within the distorted signal, your leads will stand out with more harmonic flavor, and your chords will have more character and clarity without getting muddy. With MAMP design, the guitar’s unique, natural tone can still be heard. The all-analog MAMP design also means you get superior tone and consistent performance at all volume levels.

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