Back Plate Noise Canceling System for Strat© style guitars

BPNCS with Regular string exchange window

BPNCS for Fender Stratocaster©
Colors available:
W/B/W – 3 ply White/Black/White
Parchment – 1 ply Parchment (Vintage White)
Black Matt – 1 ply Black
P/B/P – 3 ply Parchment/Black/Parchment
(Vintage White/Black/Vintage White)
Mg/B/Mg – 3 ply Mint-green/Black/Mint-green
BPNCS User’s Manual: Download as a PDF document HERE

You are welcome to visit us at Camarillo CA, 93010 for product purchase, installation, or any guitar repair and evaluation. Saturday and Sunday are usually OK for your visit 

It is always helpful when submitting an ILITCH product details request to provide all available information about your guitar pickups
Strat style guitar SSS – 3 single coil (SC) pickups
Pickups brand and model – such as Fender fat 50s
Bridge – alnico 5 magnets, DC resistance 6.2KOhm
Middle – alnico 5 magnets, DC resistance 6.3KOhm
Neck  – alnico 5 magnets, DC resistance 6.0KOhm
You can measure the DC resistance of the pickups (using a digital multimeter at about 20KOhm range or automatic) in the following way:
1. Plug in a normal guitar cable into the guitar output jack
2. Put Volume Tone pots at their Max position
3. Go to position 1 – Bridge pickup only
4. Measure DC resistance between Sleeve and Tip at the other side of the guitar cable
5. Write down the reading – example – 6.2KOhm
6. same as above for Middle pickup only
7. Same as above for Neck pickup only
You can provide similar information about your Les Paul style; Tele style etc. guitar
Regarding the question about RWRP pickup:
1. Plug in the guitar to your amplifier
2. Go to position 1 – Bridge pickup only
3. Apply good amount of gain using amp Volume and Overdrive/Distortion pedal
Drive/Gain knob until you hear a noticeable level of hum
4. Go to position 2 Bridge plus Middle
=If you hear a significant drop of the hum – you have RWRP Middle pickup
=If you hear same level of hum – you have the Middle and Bridge – same polarity (No RWRP)
5. Do the same for the other combo at position 4…
In other words, for SSS guitar if you hear same hum in all 5 positions (hum, hum, hum, hum,
hum)- you have 3 same polarity SC pickups.
For Les Paul, Tele etc. SS (two SC pickups) if you hear same hum in all 3
positions (hum, hum, hum)- you have 2 same polarity SC pickups
Write down all information and include it in the email request you submit to us. We will gather your information and we will advice which product model is best for your guitar

Custom BPNCS products are available for the following guitar brands originally equipped with tremolo cavity backplate:
G&L S 500
Tom Anderson
PRS 305
Knaggs Severn
James Tyler
Other custom BPNCS
Please contact us FIRST before to place your custom BPNCS order to discus BPNCS color availability with us!

1. The outside dimensions of the BPNCS are slightly larger (about 3/8″ (10mm) in each direction) than your original BP.
2. For RWRP Middle pickup – There are several wiring diagrams using either regular 5way switch or 5way 4 pole super switch – More wiring diagram options here;
3. LEFTY BPNCS, SRV Signature (it uses lefty BPNCS on a right hand Strat), or any other custom made Strat style guitar will require a different BPNCS model.
Please contact us to discuss it first and then you place your custom BPNCS order with us.
4. Geometry check of the BPNCS  look, and mounting holes pattern;
Fender Stratocaster  SUHR Classic style  G&L S 500 style  Tom Anderson Classic style  PRS 305 SSS 
= Print the PDF 100% scale. Cut outline, punch holes and check the match

Please read the information bellow, determine your pickups combination and select the right product and wiring:
The BPNCS operation will not perform properly with any “in series” or “out of phase” pickup connections.
There are several basic options depending on the pickup and switching configuration on your guitar:
1. Three Single Coil pickups, same polarity, 5 Way Standard pickup switch (No RWRP Middle pickup). Hum canceling on all 5 positions.
2. Three Single Coil pickups, RWRP Middle, 5 Way Standard pickup switch. Hum canceling on position 1, 2, 4, 5 No hum canceling on position 3
3. Three Single Coil pickups, RWRP Middle, 5 Way Standard pickup switch. Hum canceling on ALL 5 positions
4. Three Single Coil pickups, RWRP Middle, 5 Way 4-pole Super switch. Hum canceling on all 5 positions.
5. Three Single Coil pickups, same polarity, 5 Way Standard pickup switch plus BPNCS ON-OFF switch
Note: We are adding more wiring diagrams. For any other pickup and switching configuration you can contact us for your custom wiring diagram
Find your wiring diagram options here

Audio MP3 files recorded with a close located Audix mic, AC 30 – all tube amplifier and Fender Stratocaster guitar equipped with three Strat style single coil pickups Pickup recorded – Bridge only

09.12.2011 On Sunday morning, I equipped my Strat with a silent single coil back plate system from Ilitch Electronics. I have the newest configuration where there is a cut-out to keep the claw, springs, and block fully exposed for easy string changes and tweaks to the tremolo action. I have to say that I’m totally blown away by this product. Removing the 60 Hz hum, which this product does beautifully, opened up all sorts of complexities in the sound that I wasn’t getting before. The attack feels crisper, and the sustain is more natural as it fades into silence instead of hum. I have to think that, with the booster I like to always keep on, the amp was just getting too much 60 Hz to be able to properly amplify the true sound of my guitar…until I put on the magical back plate. Delay and other effects stand out more now too. I’ve really been enjoying my Strat over the last couple days. -kevinhifi Hey Ilitch, I’m loving the backplate strat noise cancelling system I bought and installed. It’s an amazing invention, and so refreshing to hear how my Strat sounds without the hum. Amazing… Avi Read More


(Back Plate Noise Canceling System – Open Tremolo Cut) Designed for easy access to the tremolo springs or operation with tremolo-NO system

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Strat BPNCS price list

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Alnico rod poles pickups, 5.5-6.5 KOhm resistance (VINTAGE)
Available colors: WBW; Parchment; Black Matt; P/B/P; Mg/B/Mg

Alnico rod poles pickups, 6.0-8.0 KOhm resistance
Available colors: WBW; Parchment; Black Matt; P/B/P; Mg/B/Mg

Alnico rod poles 8-13 KOhm or Steel poles 6-8 KOhm
Available colors: WBW; Parchment; Black Matt; P/B/P; Mg/B/Mg

Steel screw poles P90 pickups, 7-9 KOhm resistance
Available colors: WBW; Parchment; Black Matt; P/B/P; Mg/B/Mg





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