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ILITCH BPNCS – Back Plate Noise Canceling System for Strat© style guitars 

 This product category was started more than 10 years ago offered first as a retrofit for SUHR and Fender Stratocaster guitars only.
Later on we designed many variations of the Strat BPNCS – BPNCS Regular or BPNCS OTC – to direct fit on most of the popular Strat style guitars on the market

The best way to install the BPNCS is to use professional service of a guitar builder or guitar repair shop but it can be also installed by anyone that is familiar with guitar electronics, wiring diagram reading, guitar assembling and wire soldering.
Basic tools and materials needed for installation: Soldering gun, screw driver, wire cutters, soldering wire, shrink tubing, electrical/masking tape

The BPNCS is a hum canceling system built into the new replacement backplate. Strat style guitars with 1, 2 or 3 single coil pickups can be retrofitted with the BPNCS.
Inside of the backplate we build a low impedance air coil assembly that effectively eliminates hum while keeping the true single coil tone intact
BPNCS WIRING diagram options