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ILITCH Cavity Noise Canceling System for Les Paul Junior
Cavity cover plate – enlarged circle shape

Les Paul Junior style guitars that have a back control cavity and one or two single coil pickups can be retrofitted with a CVNCS JR. The replacement CVNCS JR cover is designed to fit the original hole pattern, making the installation 100% non invasive.
Contact us first if you want to build a CVNCS JR for any special single coil pickups


ILITCH Cavity Noise Canceling System R2 for Les Paul guitars
Enjoy your play and tone without the hum

1. Find out from the pickups brand and model spec the alnico rod magnets type and the DC resistance in KΩ.
2. You can measure the DC resistance of the pickups (using a digital multimeter at 20 KΩ range or automatic) in the following way:
= Plug in a normal guitar cable into the guitar output jack
= Put Volume Tone pots at their Max position
= Go to position 1 – Bridge pickup only
= Measure the DC resistance between Sleeve and Tip at the other side of the guitar cable Jack
= Do same for the other pickups and write down the readings

Then you select the CVNCS R2 STRENGTH you need
STD – Strength 10 – for Alnico polepiece pickups 6-8 KΩ resistance
POW – Strength 15 – for Alnico polepiece pickups 8-12 KΩ resistance/Steel screw poles pickups (NOT P90!) 7-9 KΩ resistance
HOT – Strength 20 – for Steel screw poles pickups P90 7-9 KΩ resistance


Audio MP3 files recorded with a close located Audix mic, AC 30 – all tube amplifier and LP Goldtop Guitar equipped with IP90 pickup on Bridge position and IP90 on Neck position


Additional information


STD Alnico rod poles pickups, 6.0-8.0 KOhm, POW Alnico rod poles 8-12 KOhm/Steel poles 7-8 KOhm, HOT Steel screw poles P90 pickups, 7-9 KOhm


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