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Terms and Limited Warranty:
We offer to the original purchaser the following terms of Limited Warranty:
1. One year of warranty for all moving parts of the product (i.e. trim potentiometers, potentiometers, Jacks etc.)
2. Two years warranty for all non-moving parts of the product (i. e. capacitors, resistors etc.) 
Ilitch Electronics reserves the right, based on observation and electrical measurements, to determine the cause of defect. Damages caused by accident, abuse, alteration, or misuse are not covered by this warranty. Product appearance and normal “wear and tear” (worn paint, scratches, etc.) are not covered by this warranty.

Product return/exchange terms (Direct purchases from ILITCH ELECTRONICS only):
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a refund or exchange within 28 days of your PO receipt issuance The refund is excluding all shipping and handling charges and a 15% restocking fee. Before you return or request an exchange you need to contact us. We will issue a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and instruct you about how we will process your return or exchange.

Thank you for choosing ILITCH ELECTRONICS products!