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It is important for you to select the best matching product that is suitable for your guitar

We offer Hum canceling systems for most of the popular guitar styles. Please, find the best matching style of guitar to yours and answer to the basic questions listed. Then you select the right ILITCH ELECTRONICS system you need.

Q: What should I know about my Strat?

1. Is the Middle pickup RWRP
=Yes – If position 2 (Bridge + Middle) and position 4 (Middle + Neck) are hum canceling
=No – If all 5 positions – 1 (Bridge only), 2 (Bridge + Middle), 3 (Middle only), 4 (Middle + Neck), 5 (Neck only) are humming

2. What kind of magnets are loaded on my pickups?
= Alnico rods – Alnico 2; Alnico 3; Alnico 4; Alnico 5 – they are less noisy
=Ceramic bar/s with steel screws or steel slugs – moderate noisy
=Ceramic bar/s with steel blade – heavy noisy

3. What is the DC resistance of my pickups and how can I measure it
= Find the pickup brand and model and search for technical specs posted by the manufacturer
=Use a digital multimeter or other Ohm-meter (at 20Kohm range) to measure the DC Ohm resistance